Ducts and air distribution

To ensure optimal performance of the technical units of air-conditioners AGEP design and produce the canals and ventilation systems, such as:

* three-way adapters * elbow circular

* rectangular elbow

Three-way adapters standard equipped with movable handlebars allowing you to adjust the air flow.

Straightening mounted in the elbow are used to compensate for the air flow, prevent movement of the sleeve being switched on and off fans.

* air intake Wall * Roof air intake elbow Roof air intake type A

Fixed air intake are used to supply fresh air to the aggregate. They are built so as to prevent the ingress of water and more mechanical parts to install air. We offer version of wall and roof, with a base adapted to your needs.

* diffuser
* rectangular air duct
round ventilation duct type "SPIRO"

Pipes, "Spiro" is available on the diameter of Ø100 to Ø630 mm, made ​​of galvanized steel or acid resistant steel

We offer our clients complex solutions for the best performance of the air conditioning system in the mushroom. To this we produce the accessories, such as:

Preliminary filter:

In order to work properly and flawlessly the aggregate must be installed in front of the


heater outside air channel filter. Standard attach it to each AGEP. It is equipped with non-woven EU3 (G3), providing pre-filtering the outside air.

Made in the canal system, which allows its use in the course of an easy to change and regeneration.

Removing the filter can be realized in parallel to the dimension of "A" or "B" according to the wishes of the Client


dimension Size aggregates of type AGEP
120 200 300 400 600 800 1100 1500
A 315 400 400 500 600 800 1000 1000
B 400 500 500 700 800 810 1010 1010
Attention: All dimensions are in millimeters

Elastic connections:

For normal operation of aggregate, ie to eliminate the transmission of vibrations fan air transport elements are used flexible connectors mounted directly on the fan. Connection dimensions are the same as the outlet and inlet of the fan.


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