PROMONT Company has been working in the air technology market since 1988. We have carried out more than 400 significant investments in industrial and public facilities.

We have been a leading provider of specialized products for the processing of air in the mushroom. Over the last 10 years have equipped the type units AGEP more than 300 objects.

Many years cooperation with producers of mushrooms has allowed us to create a line of products tailored to the needs of such a demanding production branch that is growing mushrooms.

Since the beginning of our business one of the most important departments of the company's design office in close cooperation with the Technical University of Wroclaw. However, complex order processing enable us to our modern production lines and installation teams.

Highly professional and innovative methods allow us to introduce custom solutions adjusted to individual requirements customers. We are open to suggestions and needs of our clients and are not afraid of innovation.

Our modern machinery specialized for particular metal processing allows us to anticipate the different needs of the market mushroom, including those not directly linked to air technique.





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